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The Heron’s Nest


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Volume XI, Number 3: September, 2009.
Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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Selected Poems by D. Claire Gallagher
published in The Heron’s Nest


pensioned —
filling the days
with late tomatoes

a smear of stars
from horizon to horizon —
the loon’s necklace

slicing apples
into the dented pan —
howl of the wind

Continental Divide —
a bumblebee gathers pollen
from both slopes

scent of windfalls —
the whisper
of solitaire cards

ancient sequoia
straw hat
in my hand

end of daylight savings
the orange pills
cut in half

wind in the reeds —
my daughter speaks
about forgiveness

trellis of roses —
her being-photographed face

New Year’s morning —
the circles
of a toy train

mare’s tail clouds —
Great Aunt pointing out
where stores used to be

day beginning
at the end of the wren’s flight

alpine air —
losing the few stars I know
to the skyful

dusty mullions —
early twilight creeping
from living room corners

nine-month belly —
she slowly unwraps
the heirloom crèche

kindling pile —
Mother retrieves the stick
engraved by beetles

getting to know the pine . . .
clotted resin
on the seat of my pants

the secret she tells
     a wave opens
over the headland



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