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The Heron’s Nest


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Volume X, Number 4: December, 2008.
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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Poems by William J. Higgingson
Published in The Heron’s Nest

early morning
glue sets in the shade
of the old shed


early warmth
in the backyard a flicker
pokes among rocks


that dull gleam
through the hazy park —
a playhouse window


one maple leaf . . .
end over end on the sand
without a trace


everywhere this morning
maple keys soaking in
the gentle rain



summer dawn —
light around the windows
as at grandmother’s


thump and screech —
the long freight pulls out
in robin’s song


restless pigeons —
gentle words from a clerk
bring a hint of tears


crescent moon
would I look at the clouds
without it?


how to tell
of the myriad rich browns?
pin-oak leaves



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