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Volume IX, Number 2: June, 2007.
Copyright © 2007. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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Christopher Herold

Peggy Willis Lyles

Paul O. Williams


Kay F. Anderson
July 29, 1934 — February 8, 2007


Kay Anderson was an embodiment of love, joy, and compassion. These, she expressed without favoritism and without inhibition. Her mere presence was an inspiration. In the last few years, Kay was a warrior in her battle with cancer. She turned the disease back on itself, making of it a reason to live more fully and more passionately. When she walked into a room, the energy increased, the light seemed brighter. If I was asked to name an ideal couple, two people who demonstrated how loving and supportive a marriage could be, the first people who would come to mind would be Kay and her husband, John. There really are no words that convey what a blessing our friendship has been. Kay’s haiku will always be with me. She mastered the brush too, as those who have seen her exquisite haiga can attest.

spring without her
         pale green pollen
                  drifts on the inkstone

Because Kay’s life had a profound affect on so many of us, the responses to her passing have been both fervent and numerous. We now raise our voices to thank Kay. May her spirit hear us and rejoice. — Christopher Herold

I admired Kay’s bravery and have long been inspired by her affirmation of life and struggle to embrace every moment she could grasp. — Peggy Willis Lyles

goodbye to Kay —
streams of colored sunlight
through stained glass

— Paul O. Williams


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