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Volume VIII, Number 4: December, 2006.
Copyright © 2006. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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Robert Gilliland

Ferris Gilli

Paul MacNeil

Paul David Mena

Christopher Herold

Peggy Willis Lyles


Tributes from the editors of The Heron’s Nest


migrating monarchs . . .
the white blossoms of sweet basil
gone to seed

— Robert Gilliland

Francine was my first mentor in haiku, and I have loved her dearly for a long time. Ten years ago, her spot-on advice, generosity, and unfailing diplomacy put me on the right haiku path. Though we never met in person, Francine was a beloved friend over the years.

wind rising
where a willow once wept
suddenly the stars

— Ferris Gilli

Francine and I only met once, but I had known her for years via the Internet and perhaps always. I once reminisced: “Many mango seasons ago when I arrived on the Shiki Salon doorstep as a foundling in a basket swaddled with a week-old sports section, many haiku poets took me in and attended to my needs. Each appeared to me, in my cradle, and murmured their special words and insights.” One such was Francine Porad. She was generous with insight and straight talk . . . actions of kindness, actions of a teacher. And — she was a lot of fun! As part of some repartee, Francine once wrote: “By my poems you will know me.”

autumn storm
a great cedar blocks
the sweeping wind

— Paul MacNeil

I’m undoubtedly one of many haiku poets who could say with 100% sincerity that Francine gave me my start in haiku, patiently enduring my enthusiastic but sophomoric early posts and providing true encouragement. I had the opportunity to meet her in person only once, but her influence on my writing endures.

windless night —
so many leaves
at the foot of the tree

— Paul David Mena

As she did for many other poets, Francine published my first submitted haiku in Brussels Spout. Our friendship began right away and grew steadily. I think we learned the most about each other while writing renku together. When I moved to the Seattle area, Francine welcomed my wife and me into the Haiku Northwest group as if we were part of her family. Indeed the group was, and still is, Francine’s extended family. We are so fortunate to have her legacy of poems, paintings, and so many fine memories, especially of her nurturing ways, her keen insights, and her oh-so-dry wit. Francine will always live in my heart.

wren-song . . .
her passion for linking
and shifting

— Christopher Herold

Francine was a wonderfully generous person and one of haiku’s best friends. I am saddened by the loss and grateful for her life.

quick brushstrokes
while the light holds —

— Peggy Willis Lyles



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