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Volume VIII, Number 2: June, 2006.
Copyright © 2006. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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In Memoriam:  Tombo (Lorraine Ellis Harr)Kaji Aso


In Memory of

Kaji Aso
April 25, 1936 — March 11, 2006

“Art,” Kaji Aso once said, “does not come from art. Art comes from life.” He often expressed the wisdom of his beliefs in haiku although haiku was just one of his many special gifts. Kaji Aso was beloved as a professor. He was a talented opera singer, marathon runner, roller-blader, ice skater, tea master, and an artist whose work is among the permanent collections of museums around the world. Mr. Aso founded the Kaji Aso Studio Institute for the Arts in 1973. It is where the Boston Haiku Society often meets. Four favorites:

spring snow
a little remains
on the stolen car



voice of the peeper
on the spring breeze




summer afternoon —
lifting up my bottom a little
then going back to sleep



harvest moon
spider too,
gazing at it quietly




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