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Favorites from 2004

The Heron’s Nest


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Volume VII, Number 3: September, 2005.
Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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In Memory of Hank Dunlap
March 15, 1932 - July 5, 2005

Hank Dunlap led a colorful and diversified life. He was a writer, a poet, and a haiku poet with five books to his credit. But he was so much more! Hank was a rodeo cowboy, an aero-space engineer, a bartender, and a deputy sheriff in Navajo County. He served in the Air Force during the Korean War, was a high school track coach, an ambulance driver, a fry cook, heavy equipment operator, goat herder, and, as he once wrote, “had a few jobs I’d rather forget.” Hank was one of the most honest, straightforward people I’ve ever met. His often self-deprecating sense of humor was at once hilarious and endearing. Hank gave of himself generously. He was a wonderful friend and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

— Christopher Herold


Haiku by Hank Dunlap

in the tidepool
— each grain of sand

Sunday picnic —
a butterfly selects
deviled eggs

descending notes
of a canyon wren —

milky way —
even the know-it-all

full moon —
two lovers hugging
one shadow

my old dog
his place at the fire
vacant now


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