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Favorites from 2004

The Heron’s Nest


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Volume VII, Number 1: March, 2005.
Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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A Selection of Poems by Elizabeth Searle Lamb


before tonight’s frost
bringing in a cricket’s song
with the geraniums



a new day
        how to translate
this talk of crows



field of wild iris —
the pinto pony
kicks up his heels



shimmering beneath the glaze
blue brush strokes
on the Chinese ginger jar



the meadowlark
holding down the fencepost
with song



too early awake
          but this mockingbird
                    this moon



rippling from the strings
wind from the sea



deep in this world
of Monet water lilies . . .
                     no sound



spring morning
the raven goes
where the wind went



halfway up the stair —
white chrysanthemums




“too early awake,” “field of wild iris—” “pausing,” “deep in this world,” “shimmering beneath the glaze,” “the meadowlark,” “glissandos,” and “before tonight’s frost” from Across the Windharp: Collected and New Haiku by Elizabeth Searle Lamb, Miriam Sagan, editor (Albuquerque, NM: La Alameda Press, 2000.)

“spring morning” Editors’ Choice Award in The Heron’s Nest, Vol. V: #5, 2003, and “a new day,” from The Heron’s Nest, Volume VI: #10, 2004.


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