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The Heron’s Nest

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Volume VII, Valentine Awards: February, 2005.
Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

Readers’ Choice - Poet of the Year •  Runners-up
Readers’ Choice - Poem of the Year •  Runners-up
Editors’ Choice - Poem of the Year & Runners-up
Readers’ Comments About Voting
Special Mentions: (Introduction) •  (Part I) •  (Part II) • 

Readers’ Choice —
Poet of the Year

Lenard D. Moore
Readers’ Choice —
Poet of the Year

John Stevenson
Rick Tarquinio
Peter Yovu
Yu Chang
Readers’ Choice —
Poem of the Year

Lenard D. Moore
Readers’ Choice —
Poem of the Year

Rick Tarquinio
K. Ramesh
John Stevenson
Editors’ Choice —
Poem of the Year
& Runners-up

Lenard D. Moore
K. Ramesh
Joann Klontz
Readers’ Comments about Voting
Special Mentions

Special Mentions (Part II)

all its leaves fallen —
a tree we were
forbidden to climb

— paul m.
whispers . . .
the hummingbird’s tongue
ripples the nectar

— Connie Donleycott
sunset moon
she pops seafroth bubbles
with her lips

— Linda Jeannette Ward
just long enough
to leave an impression

— Yu Chang
one maple leaf . . .
end over end on the sand
without a trace

— William J. Higginson
the sheep too
were always here
standing stones

— Ann K. Schwader
spring again
a taste of rust
in the harmonica

— Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
no wind today —
the cottonwoods
speak in chickadee

— Billie Wilson
boyhood summer —
the hang time
of watermelon seeds

— Timothy Hawkes
Flooded plain —
fence tops show which water
belongs to whom

— George Swede
last of the sunlight
cows bounding

— Carolyn Hall
almost spring
on every window

— Charlie Close
my imaginary lover
alive again

— Yu Chang
letter from Iraq
a birdsong spelled

— Katherine Cudney
After the burial —
my eyes on the shadows
of everything

— George Swede
incoming tide
a hermit crab wanders
among empty shells

— Kirsty Karkow
a salmon leaps
Grandpa starts to sing
with a brogue

— William Cullen, Jr.
rings on a stump —
an inch
for my life

— Francis Masat
still wanting
to fly        these feathers
of the dead owl

— Elizabeth Searle Lamb
dead hamster —
my son invents
a religion

— George Dorsty
spring’s green light
I can smile
without wanting anything

— John Stevenson
day’s end
the length of my fish
the length of my fathers fish

— Chad Lee Robinson
through a snail shell
and the snail

— Katherine Cudney
dry heat
a hawk corkscrews
the sky

— Tom Painting



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