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The Heron’s Nest

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Volume VI, Valentine Awards: February, 2004.
Copyright © 2004. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

Overview •  Reader’s Choice - Poet of the Year •  Favorite Poets •  Reader’s Choice - Poem of the Year •  Favorite Poems •  Editor’s Choice - Poem of the Year •  Favorite Poems •  Special Mentions •  Notes from Voters

Readers’ Choice —
Poet of the Year

John Stevenson
Readers’ Choice —
Favorite Poets

Connie Donleycott
vincent tripi
Allen McGill
Readers’ Choice —
Poem of the Year

Connie Donleycott
Readers’ Choice —
Favorite Poems

vincent tripi
Allen McGill
John Stevenson
Editors’ Choice —
Poem of the Year

Carolyn Hall
Editors’ Choice —
Favorite Poems

Timothy Hawkes
Connie Donleycott
Special Mentions
Notes from Voters

Special Mentions

Several poems scored well above the average, and a few poets accumulated high overall point scores for their respective bodies of work. Although they didn’t receive awards, it is clear that these poems and poets have made lasting impressions and richly deserve to be honored by inclusion in this Valentine Awards issue.

New Year’s Eve bath —
I fail to become
a swan
Fay Aoyagi

Hokusai’s Wave
a child shapes his fingers
into claws
Pamela Miller Ness

spring morning
the raven goes
where the wind went
Elizabeth Searle Lamb

tai chi
with my wife
morning glories open
Randy M. Brooks

there must be light
where they came from —
chestnut blossoms
Gabriel Rosenstock

spring scents
my dog and I walk
through different worlds
Kirsty Karkow

my father’s globe
so many countries
with wrong names
Gary Warner

animal skull
the child fingers
her eye
Tom Painting

gaunt children
selling old bayonets —
noonday sun
Kylan Jones-Huffman

a field of crickets . . .
stepping in the spaces
between their songs
Stephen Amor

bird house empty of seed
even the jays
look for Bernard
Francine Porad

single living
I allow the kettle
a full whistle
Carmen Sterba

a child’s pail taken
by the tide
Cherie Hunter Day

village square —
old faces borrowing angles
from the stone
H. F. Noyes

the nail sinking in —
my father’s hammer
in my hand
Gary Hotham

a purple tree
when did I stop
being young?
Katherine Cudney

the corner
where nothing grows —
Brian Gierat

autumn chill —
a butterfly swept up
with the leaves
Cindy Zackowitz

open hospice door
a path of moonlight
across the sea
William Cullen, Jr.

a dash
between the years
Francis Masat

ice moon —
the cat grooms away
my touch
Linda Jeannette Ward

stone garden —
this morning the islands
float on snow
Kuniharu Shimizu



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