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Favorites from 2002

The Heron’s Nest

a haikai journal ...


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Volume V, Number 9: September, 2003.
Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

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In Memoriam:
Kylan Jones-Huffman

This issue of The Heron’s Nest is dedicated to the memory of Kylan Jones-Huffman.

In Memory of Kylan Jones-Huffman

One of the editors from The Heron’s Nest met and wrote poems with U. S. Navy Lieutenant Kylan Jones-Huffman. The rest of us knew and admired him through his haiku. Now we all grieve. Lt. Jones-Huffman was shot and killed in Al Hillah, Iraq, on Thursday, August 21. He sent the following poem just three days prior to his death:

uncomfortable —
body armor shifting
on the car seat

As a tribute to Kylan Jones-Huffman, we share a few more of his poems:

tea leaves steam
on the icy compost pile
winter sunrise

newborn calf
still wet, stands, trips,
stands again

raising her veil,
she sips fruit juice —
the souk in summer

summer solstice —
women in black abayas
wade in the sea

squirrel drinking
from one small puddle —
tank tracks

twelve hour watch:
the morning threat report
in rhymed couplets

call to prayer —
the waxing moon obscured
by a sandstorm

The Jones-Huffman family is graciously permitting us to present these poems by Kylan. All have appeared on-line, three as part of the U. S. Navy Literary Festival, and four from the Cricket list.


Memorial poems from The Heron’s Nest

dark afternoon
hydrangeas drying
upside down
                                          Peggy Willis Lyles

setting star
the mountain rises
black with night
                                          Paul MacNeil

feathers in the fire . . .
a cardinal’s song
between thunderclaps
                                          Ferris Gilli

Mars rising
closer than ever . . .
a car backfires
                                          Christopher Herold

the war is over
for one haiku poet —
seagulls cry
                                          Paul David Mena


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