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The Heron’s Nest

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Volume V, Valentine Awards: February 2003.
Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

Overview • Grand Prize - Poet of the Year • Favorite Poets
Grand Prize - Poem of the Year  • Favorite Poems
Special Mention - Page 1 • Special Mention - Page 2

Readers’ Choice —
Poet of the Year

John Stevenson
Readers’ Choice —
Favorite Poets

paul m.
Peggy Willis Lyles
Anna Tambour
Readers’ and Editors’ Choice —
Poem of the Year

paul m.
Readers’ and Editors’ Choice —
Favorite Poems

Billie Wilson
Anna Tambour
Connie Donleycott
Hortensia Anderson
Jim Kacian
Special Mentions —
Page 1

Special Mentions —
Page 2

Special Mentions — Page 1

Several poems scored far above the average, and a few poets accumulated high overall point scores for their respective bodies of work. It is clear that these poets and poems have made deep and lasting impressions and richly deserve to be honored by inclusion in this Valentine Awards issue.

religion aside
there are plum blossoms
and pussywillows

H. F. Noyes

nine-month belly—
she slowly unwraps
the heirloom crèche
D. Claire Gallagher 
7th floor, cubicle 9—
a butterfly drifts
past the window 
Timothy Hawkes 
studio window—
a fly walks
from cloud to cloud 
Kuniharu Shimizu 
Tiananmen Square
I buy a kite
shaped like a bird 
Linda Robeck 
empty tracks
a stranger and I
looking in the same direction 
Yu Chang 
winter landscape
one more raven flaps out
of her paintbrush 
Marian Olson 
spring mist—
a mallard paddles
through our stillborn’s ashes 
H. Gene Murtha 
spring twilight—
the unexpected weight
of a swept snail shell 
Yvonne Cabalona 

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