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The Heron's Nest

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Volume IV, Valentine Awards: February 2002.
Copyright © 2002. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

Overview • Readers' Choice • Most Popular Poet • Editors' Choice
Favorite Haiku • Popular Poets • Editors' Runners-up • Special Mention

Readers' Choice
Connie Donleycott
Most Popular Poet
Peggy Lyles
Editors' Choice
John W. Wisdom
Favorite Haiku
John Crook
John W. Wisdom
Yu Chang
Paul David Mena
Popular Poets
Connie Donleycott
John W. Wisdom
Yu Chang
paul m.
Editors' Runners-up
Lenard D. Moore
John Crook
Special Mention

Special Mention

Several poems received high numbers of points, and a few poets accumulated high overall point scores for their respective bodies of work in Volume Three. We feel that these poets richly deserve to be honored by inclusion in this Valentine Awards issue.

crochet hook
pulling the yarn through
deep November


spring thunder
from the center of a pine stump
a pine

Carolyn Hall   naia

lake trout–
a raven’s caw
in with the knife


carrying moonlight
into the house–
white peony

Odd G. Aksnes   Margaret Chula

just now
as my life turns crazy


back home–
trees I knew
in all their seasons

Jim Kacian   Tom Clausen

a deep bruise
I don’t remember getting
autumn evening


faint thunder
a snake sloughs its skin
in the creekbed

John Stevenson   Anna Tambour

starlit lake–
a stray bobber
afloat in the galaxy


i take the strongest
of my walking sticks
first cherry blossoms

an’ya   vince tripi

headstones . . .
butterflies move
through the silence


sent back out
for something I forgot
winter stars

Maria Steyn   Rick Tarquinio

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