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Volume III, Valentine Awards: February, 2001.

Copyright © 2001. All rights reserved by the respective authors.  

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Valentine Awards 2001

Before I share the results of the voting for your favorite poems in Volume II, I want to thank you, the contributors, for making The Heron's Nest all that I hoped it would be. I believe that the haiku you've had published in this journal are among the finest to be found anywhere. The submissions and letters you send are a delight to receive and we three editors treasure the dialogues that have developed along the way.

Now then, on to the awards! I am gratified at the response to our call for ballots. Nearly sixty people put their hearts (and a good deal of time and energy) into selecting their ten favorite haiku from the issues of Volume II. There were five hundred forty-six poems from which to choose. Two hundred sixty-four of those poems received votes. That's nearly half the poems in the volume!

There will be three grand prize awards this year instead of two. The first grand prize goes to the poem that received the most points in the voting. The second goes to the poet whose overall work in The Heron's Nest garnered the most points. (This one was a two-way tie!) The third grand prize is the Editor's Choice Award, my own favorite poem of the year. I made my selection from among the monthly Heron's Nest Award winners.

One hundred fifty-three poets from sixteen countries had work published in Volume II. Some are represented by a single poem, some by several, and one poet had thirteen poems in The Heron's Nest last year. Due to the vast amount of work submitted each month (from 700 to 1,000 poems), just getting into the prelimary pool of work (“the kitty”) is remarkable. It seems to me that having one's work included in any given issue is an award in itself. To have one's poem selected as an Editor's Choice is even more of an accomplishment, and to win the monthly Heron's Nest Award is really quite a feat. Considering this, it's easy to recognize what a rare achievement it is to be chosen for the annual Valentine Awards edition, either as the Editor's Choice or by way of votes from one's peers.

Along with Associate Editors Ferris Gilli and Paul MacNeil, and Web-Master Alex Benedict, I am deeply grateful to all of you who have contributed to the success of The Heron's Nest. We now applaud the winners of the Valentine Awards!

– Christopher Herold

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