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1999 Winners

Jerry Ball
Burnell Lippy
Cherie Hunter Day
June Moreau

The Heron's Nest
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Valentine Awards 2000.
Copyright © 1999. All rights reserved by the respective authors.

First Annual Valentine Awards
Favorite Haiku of 1999


Commentary – Overview
Editor's Choice • Readers' Choice • Readers' Runners Up

1999 Favorites

Kay F. Anderson
Kay F. Anderson
Jerry Ball
Alex Benedict
Peter Brady
Marjorie Buettner
Cherie Hunter Day
Garry Gay
John Hall
Christopher Herold
Jerry Kilbride
Joann Klontz
Burnell Lippy
Matthew Louvière
Robert Major
Robert Major
June Moreau
H. F. Noyes
H. F. Noyes
Carol O'Dell
Francine Porad
Elbert Pruitt
Dean Summers
Doris Thurston
Doris Thurston
Paul O. Williams
Ruth Yarrow
Ruth Yarrow
Editor's Choice
the frayed rope
swings back into the shade–
country swimming hole

Burnell Lippy     Volume I, Issue 2
Readers' Choice
summer morning
the old dog seems to know
the length of his leash

Jerry Ball     Volume I, Issue 1
Readers' Choice – Runners Up
a swirl of ink
in the brush water
early dusk

Cherie Hunter Day     Volume I, Issue 3
morning tea
from the parakeet's cage
a toy bell tinkles

June Moreau     Volume I, Issue 4

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